Complete CNC kit


Full 3D capability, comes with everything needed to run the drive motors under software control. Very powerful Mach3 software reads a G-code program and converts it to pulses to turn each of the lead screws the exact amount needed. This is a reliable and robust kit that mounts to the shafts of the X, Y and Z axis. An extra space is left on the control module to add a fourth axis driver. Software backlash compensation is very accurate and it is possible to move the table back and forth 0.0001″, something not possible without compensation.

You must determine the shaft diameter of the Z-axis and whether you need a short and a long hub for X and Y


Everything for a 3-axis CNC conversion
X, Y and Z mounted on machine

Finally, an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of CNC on your Rong-Fu RF-25 through RF-45 milling machine. Comes with software, cables, instructions, drive electronics, power supplies and three axis drive assemblies, all ready to go. No permanent modifications to the machine are required and the drives can be installed or removed in seconds. Perfect for tight quarters as drives add just an inch and manual operation is unaffected.

Uses Mach3 software that runs on customer supplied computer with Windows and a printer port.  A USB to parallel converter, called a UC100, is available online for $120 and is smoother than the parallel port. Beware of fakes with a short cord and silver case.

The kit is designed for stock lead screws and ball screws

The details of the electronics can be found in the electronics kit.

See the machine operate on YouTube. Just search for Paul Thompson RF-31


Additional information

Z shaft diameter

12mm, 1/2", 13mm

Hub size

short, long

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