Electronics for 3-axis CNC


All the parts needed to drive the three supplied stepper motors. High performance drivers for high speed operation. Intended to work with Mach3 software (free demo version). Can be run from USB if you don’t have a printer port. I recommend the UC100. It is gray plastic. There is a fake one that is chrome looking with a short cable. I haven’t gotten the one I bought to work.

(3) NEMA 23 stepper motors 270 oz-in with six 18″ wires

(3) 2DM542-N digital stepper driver units, programmable through serial port

(1) parallel port interface board with printer cable and mini connectors,, handles up to 5 axes, with relay, PWM output and connections for digitizing port, emergency stop, limit switches

(1) 24 volt 350 watt power supply with power cord

No wires or wiring included

Parts come in original boxes, bags or wrappings


Breakout board manual ST-V2

JMC_Handheld Tuner Manual


This combination of parts has proven to provide

  • high motor speed
  • adjustable current and microstepping
  • cool running motors
  • silent, no annoying hiss at idle
  • reliable service




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