single axis drive


Complete assembly to drive one axis. Includes aluminum 32 tooth gear. Requires a NEMA 23 stepper motor 76mm long. Longer ones can be used but will limit table travel and have to have the pinion gear bored out to fit the 8mm shaft of the 425 oz-in motor. To use it on the Y axis you would need to make an extension coupler so the back of the motor will clear the casting.

These drives do not have a flexible coupler to allow misalignment of the motor and shaft. Things are lined up because everything is pretty concentric but any misalignment that does exist needs to flex as needed on the standoffs. The error of this flexing is a fraction of a tenth so resist the urge to stiffen the structure.

Mills with power downfeed on the Z-axis need a Z-axis drive with an extended coupler. This is also ideal for boring out the diameter to match the shaft of a ball screw or other shaft from a machine

Z-axis needs to know if it needs to fit a 12mm, 1/2″ or 13mm shaft

and long or short hub on X and Y


Single drive for any axis

It can be used as a power feed or you might be building your own and decide to use just the Z-axis drive. The simplicity lends itself to adaptation to a multitude of other machines. All you need is a shaft to slide it on and some place to anchor it to. The gear drive points the motor back towards the machine for an exceptionally compact module, useful in a cramped basement or garage. Manual operation is unaffected

The bore and set screw attachment used on the Z-axis can be used to drive ball screws on any axis. Attachment of the drive is vastly more simple and less work than one that is bolted to the machine.

Additional information

Z shaft diameter

12mm, 1/2", 13mm

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